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Our Teams, People,

& Values

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& Commitment

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Street Art Mural by Carlos Barboza of older Black man (left) embracing and grasping hands with a younger black man (right). Sun rays in between the men with flowers on both the left and right
Equity and Belonging Logo. E is made up of 2 horizontal rainbow lines and one black line. Power fist on the right with San Diego Unified School District logo (white) in the wrist
San Diego Unified School District Logo
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educational equity


Educational equity means that each child & adult receives what they need to develop to their full academic, emotional, and social potential.

Our educational partners (students, staff, and families) will have access to the opportunities, resources, and support they need to imagine, nurture, and achieve their dreams-a choice filled life.

Smiling Portrait

our equity statement

The San Diego Unified School District is committed

to dismantling systems of oppression and inequity.

We will create equitable and inclusive schools that

ensure students have what they need to be

successful in school and life.


Working towards equity as a district requires

proactive and continuous investment in

historically marginalized groups who have

endured centuries of systemic oppression.

SDUSD is committed to transforming our

system by hearing and elevating under-

acknowledged, under-valued voices, sharing

power, recognizing and eliminating bias, and

distributing resources to provide equitable



San Diego Unified School District acknowledges

the existence of—and will work towards interrupting

and eliminating—systems, processes, and mindsets

that perpetuate social or cultural factors as

predictors of opportunities & outcomes.


San Diego Unified School District will embrace,

celebrate, and honor our students, families,

staff, and community members and their

unique cultural histories, while

ensuring each student has the

support, tools, and resources to

create a choice-filled life.

we're   glad you're   here!

we believe

National equity project logo. White circle surrounded by a red sun and orange dots
Image by Mike Von

It is possible to achieve more just, equitable, and liberating systems.​

TODAY Illustration / Getty Images. Black person with their back towards the camera in front of a cracked red circle. In the background there is a brick wall (bottom) and images of buildings (top)

Our current systems perpetuate inequity by design

paper chain of people holding hands. Light source coming from behind casting a shadow in the front.

We need one another - our fates are linked.


It takes rebel leadership to abolish unjust systems and catalyze positive change.

Image by Riccardo Annandale

Transforming power and co-creation are core tenets of equity.

Image by Tim Marshall

It is our legacy to fight for our collective freedom. We will win.

we theorize


      the Equity Division organizes to proactively and responsively design & deliver equity-focused learning, coaching, and resources that are research based and aligned with observed and stated community needs;

                 school teams of education professionals will engage in high-quality professional learning and coaching grounded in equity consciousness, ethnic studies pedagogy, strong leadership practices, and a continuous improvement process;

              they will more effectively implement equity-focused, rigorous, research-based practices in their school contexts; feel seen and supported within their teams, and have a greater sense of critical self awareness.

                                                all students, including historically marginalized students, demonstrating improved academic, behavioral, and social-emotional outcomes.




we  love

we  learn

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"To refuse to participate in the shaping of our future is to give it up. Do not be led into passivity either by a false sense of security (They don't mean me) or by despair (There's nothing we can do) Each of us must find our work and do it."

-audre lorde

Cover of text, "Liberate" Pocket Sized Paradigms for Liberatory Design" by Michelle Sadrena Pledger. Image contains a black background with a picture of a rainbow phoenix
Cover of book "Emergent Strategy" by Adrienne Maree Brown. Image contains a white background with black birds with the title and author's name
Picture of the book "Street Data". Image contains blue background with the legs of 4 people from the thigh down standing against a wall
Picture of the book "Love as a Business Strategy". Image includes a yellow background with xs, os, and arrows (similar to those used to illustrate a football play) and a blue circle stating "Best Seller Wall Street Journal USA Today"
Image is of bell hooks smiling. Shown from the waist up with her arms folded in front of herself. In front of a purple to pink gradient background

Dominator culture has tried to keep us all afraid, to make us choose safety instead of risk, sameness instead of diversity. Moving through that fear, finding out what connects us, revelling in our differences; this is the process that brings us closer, that gives us a world of shared values, of meaningful community.

-bell hooks

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