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who  we  are

There is no them. Just us. All of Us.

The Equity Collective is made up of several departments within San Diego Unified dedicated to uplifting and centering the tenets of equity, anit-bias, and anti-racism pedagogy. Together, we support students, families, and staff in creating choice-filled lives for the young scholars we serve. 

Street Art Mural by Carlos Barboza. Image shows three Black women reaching towards the front with an open, upturned hand. The young woman in the front has an afro, the woman on the left has corn rows, and the older woman on the right has a head wrap.
Illustrated image of Ebonee Weathers. A woman in a gray hoodie with a mohawk and nose ring, pictured in front of a blue background

executive   director

signature of Ebonee Weathers in white font

We embody Liberatory Design and Socially Conscious Leadership to support the thorough investigation of social inequity and systems of oppression. Through collaboration across discipline and departments, the Equity Collective commits to the dismantling of inequitable social structures and the creation of an educational system that practices radical love, equity, and inclusion.

Thoughtful interrogation and disruption of both internal and external systems of inequity allows the Equity Collective to identify harmful structures and address the mindsets that perpetuate bias so that we may dream and design systems and structures that equitably and responsively serve our community. Whether through organizational learning, coaching, programs, or resources, our team supports the development of a holistic framework designed to deepen San Diego Unified School District's commitment to, and practice of, equity, belonging, and inclusion.

Ebonee Weathers (she/her)

Image by František G.

team  us

Explore the websites of our Equity Collective departments by clicking on their logos below

Academics Through Agency logo. Light bulb with 3 abstract figures inside and 5 different colored cheverons (yellow, blue, red, green, purple) around the bulb

Jen Carpenter (she/her)


Our work is about creating the equitable conditions within our classrooms that focus on accelerating academics by supporting students' social and emotional well-being and supporting all children in mastering rigorous grade level standards. We can achieve this by eliminating systemic barriers to access and opportunity, and collectively building school communities that are anti-biased, anti-racist, and restorative.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Development logo. San Diego Unified logo inside the center of a multi colored flower

Kimberly Moore (she/her)

Executive Director

Diversity, Inclusion, & Development  is an internal role in SDUSD. This department is responsible for the development of a teacher pipeline program for our students as well as our diversity and inclusion programs for our workforce. The Diversity & Inclusion Office provides for the advancement of equality, diversity and inclusion in our current recruitment and retention programs to impact equity across our system.

Ethnic Studies logo. Black circle with 5 power fists inside

Toya Profit (she/her)

Program Manager

Ethnic Studies is a content and pedagogy that humanizes and empowers all. Ethnic Studies cultivates love for ALL students by engaging in the critique and challenging of power & oppression across systemic, interpersonal, and internalized levels.Ethnic studies connects learning to past & contemporary movements for social justice while conceptualizing collective hope, healing & liberation.

Illustrated image of Kimberly Moore. A woman in a red shirt with shoulder-length hair, pictured in front of a blue to yellow gradient background
Illustrated image of Toya Profit A woman in a black shirt with locs that are tied back in a bun, pictured in front of a red background
Family engagement logo. includes the San Diego Unified logo surrounded by different colored abstract people (orange, green, blue, yellow, purple)

Pamela King (she/her)

Program Manager

We are here to support our staff, families and community partners in engaging in highly effective practices that bring stakeholders together for student success. We believe that positive relationships between families and schools serve to strengthen our collective leadership for the betterment of the community. 

Placement and Appeal Logo, includes a cube with different colored sides (green, blue, red) behind a smaller cube of different colored sides (magenta, yellow, teal)

John Ross (he/him)

Program Manager

Placement and Appeal is responsible for all aspects of the expulsion process including screening the cases, conducting hearings, interim placements, counseling students & families, and reinstatement back to schools as governed by California Education Code & District procedures.

Restorative Justice Practices logo. 5 abstract people of different colors (blue, orange, green, magenta, yellow)

Dr. Michelle Ferrer (she/her)

Program Manager

In SDUSD, the purpose of restorative justice is to cultivate relationships that help build & sustain a school culture that is positive & welcoming for students, staff, and families. We envision equitable and just schools where educational partners experience connection, belonging, & thriving.

Illustrated image of John Ross. A man in a gray button up shirt with a short beard and mustache,  pictured in front of a green background
Illustrated image of Pamela King. A woman in a white sleeveless shirt with  bangs and long, black hair, pictured in front of a pink background
Illustrated image of Michelle Ferrer. A woman in a pink and white checkered sweater with a hoop earrings and long wavy brown hair,  pictured in front of a blue background
Youth Advocacy logo. The word "youth" is spelled out in brown letters and the word "Advocacy" is spelled out in rainbow letters
Illustrated image of Maria Schembri. A woman in a rainbow t-shirt with rainbow colored hair,  pictured in front of a yellow to blue gradient background

Maria Schembri (she/her)

Program Manager

The Department of Youth Advocacy seeks to create environments that promote the safety and affirmation of all students by fostering a culture of care and respect that extends throughout the entire school district, cultivating a platform for student voice that builds agency, ensuring educational justice for all.

White Background


Who we are is greater than or equal to what we do.

ebonee  weathers


Executive Director, 

Equity & Belonging

Illustrated image of Ebonee Weathers. A woman with tattoos, pictured in front of a gray and black background

I am a mom, sister, daughter, partner, and friend. My favorite color is black. I am a left-handed aquarian who loves to read, crochet, and watch a good movie. Born and raised in Seattle, WA, I prefer cold weather to the scorching hot. I could eat Cinnabon every day. I believe love is love, Black lives matter, no human is illegal, and kindness is everything. 

jen   carpenter



Academics Through Agency

Illustrated image of Jen Carpenter. A woman with long blonde hair in a sleeveless white shirt, pictured in front of a green background

Finding a balance between being a director, a mother to 2 boys, a wife, a good human, and doing all the things I love. I handle it by letting go of what I can’t control and focusing on what I can. Work passions include social emotional and academic integration, literacy acceleration, and coaching, Personal passions include watching little leaguers play ball and eating new food in new places.


kimberly  moore

To know me is to know my family and its history. I come from a family of freedom riders, voting rights  advocates and community leaders. My family grounds me; they remind me of who I am and the legacy of my ancestors. They inspire me to lead for social change.


I believe each interaction we have is an opportunity to shape the community we want for our students and ourselves—a place where each person feels they are welcomed, they belong, and that they are seen for the gifts they bring. A place that is free from bias, racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia. Each day I seek to learn more, lean in to my fear, and evolve as a human being. I’m learning emergent strategy, liberatory design, and socially conscious leadership.


Executive Director, 

Diversity, Inclusion & Development

Illustrated image of Kimberly Moore.  A woman with painted shapes across her face (pink, yellow, blue) with shoulder-length brown hair, pictured in front of a blue background

toya  profit


Program Manager, 

Ethnic Studies

Illustrated image of Toya Profit. A woman with dangly earrings and a yellow light streak going through her long, dark locs

Adventurer, Explorer, and Student

I am the daughter of educators and sibling of kings and queens,

I am descended from the Yourba, Igbo, and Mandinka people

I’m related to the O’Connors and O’Sullivan Mor’s of South Ireland.

My people were enslaved and violated by the Pugh’s from Wales and Pellerin from France.

Two of us have been lynched in trees, and Twenty of us have preached from pullpits 

We are teachers, leaders, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and protesters

Many of my people are buried on the land of the Chitimacha

We have fought in every single war on US soil.

I am Acadian, Creole, and Cajun.

I am American and so much more 

I invite you to this work we do, to celebrate and interrogate your own past.

I look forward to meeting you and building together.

I thank you for your inquiry and your bravery

May Love guide us in all that we do.

pamela  king


Program Manager, 

Family Engagement

Illustrated image of Pam King. A woman with black hair pulled back and bangs,  pictured in front of a gray background

Pamela King, a native of Louisiana, is the youngest of a family of eight children. Raised by a single parent, Pamela is the first and only child in her family to attend and graduate from college. With over 27 years in the San Diego Unified School District, Pamela worked in various capacities (i.e., teacher’s assistant, noon duty, Prime Time, reading specialist, classroom teacher, resource teacher at site/central office, and program manager) to support student learning. Pamela’s love for inspiring others to rise beyond their foreseeable potential is an extraordinary attribute that she manifests in her actions and work ethic daily.

john  ross


Program Manager, 

Placement & Appeal

Illustrated image of John Ross. A man in a white collared shirt and blue jacket with a short beard and mustache, pictured in front of a gray background

As a child, some of my afternoons were spent sorting crayons, passing out papers or putting the chairs on the desks so the custodian could come in and sweep. I enjoyed helping my mother who was an elementary teacher in our district for many years before retiring. My siblings and I are also products of San Diego Unified. I attended Baker Elementary and Rolando Park then SCPA when I promoted from sixth grade. I remained there until graduating from high school. I then matriculated to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia where I obtained a degree in English; it was a very enriching experience. I was introduced to some of my favorite authors and pieces of literature during my time at Morehouse. I returned to San Diego shortly after earning my BA. I enrolled in a teaching credential program at the University of San Diego and earned a single subject credential.

However, after obtaining my teaching credential, I wasn’t sure I wanted to teach. So, I joined the San Diego Police Academy and after a year, decided to return to education. Over the years I’ve taught at a variety of grade levels. After a couple years working as dean of students at Lincoln High School, I returned to USD to obtain an administrative credential. I’ve served as associate administrator and principal in the San Diego Unified School District for several years. In my current role, I serve as Program Manager of the Placement and Appeal Department. When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

michelle  ferrer


Program Manager, 

Restorative Justice Practices

Dr. Ferrer (she/hers) was born in Manila, Philippines and raised in the Bay Area. She currently serves as the Restorative Justice Practices, Program Manager at San Diego Unified School District. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at San Francisco State University and holds a Master of Arts Degree in International Multicultural Education from the University of San Francisco. She recently completed her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from San Francisco State University. The title of her dissertation is A Love Letter Written on Bamboo: Cantering Educators’ Narratives on Restorative Justice. 

Illustrated image of Michelle Ferrer. A woman with shoulder length brown hair with caramel ends with a nose ring, pictured in front of a gray background

maria  schembri


Program Manager, 

Youth Advocacy

Illustrated image of Maria Schembri. A woman in a purple sweater with long blonde hair, pictured in front of a grassy landscape background

Maria Schembri (she/her) is a mother, educator, animal lover, and youth advocate. She grew up in South San Diego and graduated from SDSU. She was an English teacher at Granite Hills High School for 18 years. She was also her school’s GSA advisor. This work sparked a fire within her and led to her current role as Program Manager for the Office of Youth Advocacy in SDUSD where she works to create equitable systematic practices and supports for ALL youth.

haydee  zavala


Instructional Coordinator,

Equity & Beloning 

Illustrated image of Haydee Zavala A woman with a pink, metallic face with long dark hair and a chrome neck plate, pictured in front of a dark background
Gradient Background
Photo of audre lorde wearing a loose, purple shirt with a floral print, short afro, pictured in front of a red halo with black concentric circles

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.

-audre lorde

we  value  your voice

We need your voice to inform the work that we do. Please take a couple of minutes to share your thoughts by clicking the button below. Throughout the year, we will pose various equity questions to gather feedback and input from our educational partners. Thank you for sharing your voice. 

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