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placement & appeal

Resources from the P & A Department

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Placement and Appeal Logo. Small cube of red, green, and blue on top of a larger cube of green, blue, and red. White San Diego Unified logo on the smaller cube

suspension, expulsion, & sarb resources

BP 5144 Replaced Uniform Discipline Plan. Restorative Discipline Policy-Building Anti-Racist and Restorative School Communities in San Diego Unified

Restorative Discipline Policy

Guide to SDUSD RDP

Expulsion Frequently Asked Questions. Image of a classroom with a row of desks, door, whiteboard, and supply shelf. Equity & belonging logo in the bottom left corner

Frequently Asked Questions

SDUSD Expulsion Process

Suspension Process. Placement and appeal logo in the upper left corner. Pictured is a classroom with 2 rows of desks, a teacher's desk with chair, chalk board, and clock.

Suspension Process

SDUSD Suspension Process

Expulsion Process flyer. San Diego Unified Logo and Placement and Appeal Logo. Also shows is a triangular picture with a stack of books, pen cup, and apple on a desk and a triangular picture of a boy out of focus.

Expulsion Process

SDUSD Expulsion Process

School Attendance Review Board with san diego unified logo and placement and appeal logo. triangular picture of students seated at desks raising their hand in a classroom.

SARB Information 

Attendance Administrative Procedure

Alba Community Day School. 2 images in circular frames. First, larger picture shows 2 Black students looking at a computer together. Second, smaller picture includes 2 students looking a t a computer with another 2 students seated close by.

Alba Community Day School

Alternative Placement Website

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