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youth advocacy

Resources from the YA Department

Abstract Wave
Youth advocacy logo with a pink power fist and the san diego unified school district on the palm

lgbtqia+ resources

LGBTQIA+ Responding to Hate Flyer. with 4 power fists and a red pop art background. Youth Advocacy logo and San Diego Unified loog

Responding to Resistance

LGBTQIA+ Resource Guide

Law and Policy-Supporting LGBTQIA Students flyer. A stack of 3 black books. The word "Law" is typed on the top book. There is a gavel sitting on top of the stack and a rainbow background

Laws & Policy


LGBTQIA+ Terms You Should Know Flyer with an illustration of an anatomical heart. There are rainbows running across the heart along with the symbol for man, woman, intersex

LGBTQIA+ Terminology


LGBTQIA+ Frequently Asked Questions-A Guide for Families and Educators flyer. Image of a brown hand clasping a white hand. The brown hand is wearing a rainbow sweat band and the white hand is wearing a blue sweatband with a pink equal sign. Includes the Equity & Belonging logo and San Diego Unified Logo. All pictured on a white background in front of a grafittied wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

LGBTQIA+ Resource Guide

LGBTQIA+ History Month Flyer. Includes pictures of 13 different LGBTQIA+ people. Background is a rainbow gradient.

LGBTQIA+ History Month 

LGBTQIA+ Resource Guide

GSA Handbook 2022/23 in gradient rainbow font

GSA Handbook

LGBTQIA+ Resource Guide

Blue Smoke

bullying  prevention & intervention 

Second Step Review of Research Bullying Prevention Unit. Screen Clip of first page that shows text from the Overview and the Social Ecological Model

Second Step Unit

Bullying Prevention Resource 

Anti-Bullying FAQs Bullying Awareness Month October. In the background is the silhouette of a power fist with a peace sign in the wrist

Anti-Bullying FAQs

Anti-Bullying Resource

Ally Action Building a Culture of Upstanders. Green paint swipe on orange backbround. Pop art power fist

Ally Action Program

Bullying Prevention & Intervention Guide

Managing the Challenges of the Political Season: Bullying & Response. A resource for school administrators, educators, students, and communities. Image of a school crossing sign (yellow pentagon with stick figures of 2 people crossing the street. Below that a yellow rectangle that says "school.") Also shown is a picture of voter booths and a photo of a podium on an auditorium stage.

Bullying Prevention & Response

Anti-Bullying Resource Guide for Admin

Screen shot of "Is it Cyberbullying?" video

Is it Cyberbullying?

Bullying Video

Second Step Bullying Prevention in Schools Starts with social-Emotional Learning. First 2 paragraphs of the article are pictured

Second Step Lessons

Bullying Prevention Resource Guide

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